Biography of Nikita Presnyakov

Nikita Vladimirovich Presnyakov is an actor, the beginning director, the son of Christina Orbakaite and Vladimir Presnyakov.

Nikita was born on May 21, 1991 in a star family. His mother is a well-known singer, actress, actress Christina Orbakaite, and father Vladimir Presnyakov is a musician, singer and composer. Biography of Nikita Presnyakov in childhood was filled with creative hobbies. He shot the video, then processed it, adding various effects. Nikita’s first worthy work, in which he took off his brother Denis, is “Journey to the Moon.” Also Presnyakov Jr. took off the work “Silent Hill: The Matrix Has You”, “HL2: TRW – Mortal Kombat”.

Become a musician or singer Nikita did not really seek. He was captivated by the cinema and the stage. In his youth in the biography of Nikita Presnyakov, like any boy, everything was friends, sports hobbies, love intrigues and parting. Since 10 years he has been keen on skateboarding,

among other interests – snowboarding, breakdance, parkour, computer animation and graphic effects.

The first acting experience in his biography Nikita Presnyakov received on the set of the film by Roman Prygunov “Indigo”. And the main role he got for the first time in the film Grigory of Constantinople “On a visit to $ kazki.”

Education Nikita Presnyakov in the biography of the New York Film Academy. There he is studying directing. According to his study assignments, he shoots short films. Among the last serious works – the tape “From Russia”. Also Nikita became the second director in the video “Enough show” by Christina Orbakaite. Nikita uses any opportunities for gaining experience.

Despite the stellar status of parents, the boy does not shy away from work. Nikita worked as a sales consultant in a store, was a model. And enrolled in the Film Academy, he settled like all the other students – in the hostel.

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Biography of Nikita Presnyakov