Biography of Maria Shukshina

Maria Shukshina is a Russian film actress, TV presenter.

Maria was born on May 27, 1968 in the family of the film director, actor and writer Vasily Shukshin. In the movie began to act at the age of one year. In 1972, in the biography of Maria Shukshina, another role was played in the movie – in the movie “Stoves-benches.” Maria has acted in a role of the daughter in it, and also the following film – “Birds above a city”.

Higher education in the biography Shukshina was received at the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​named after Torez. At the end of the institute, Maria began to work as a translator. At the same time, she combined the translation activity with the brokerage when she started working on the commodity exchange.

After making a big break in acting, in 1990 she starred in the movie “The Eternal Husband.” Since then, she has played roles in 11 films, of them in two TV series. For her biography Maria Shukshina managed to prove herself also as a TV presenter on the project “Wait for me”. In 2008, she was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia. Twice she married, has two children.

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Biography of Maria Shukshina