Biography of Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz is a Spanish actress, winner of the Oscar.

Born Penelope April 18, 1974 in Madrid. In the young Penelope, no one noticed the act of acting. But it was different in grace and plastic. So in the biography Penelope Cruz 10 years were devoted to modern and classical ballet. At the age of 15, Penelope was on television for the first time, but not as an actress of full-length films, but as a guest of a TV show, as well as participants in music videos. In the mid-1990s Penelope worked in Calcutta, at Mother Teresa Hospital.

The first film in the biography of Cruz came out in 1991. After the first film on Penelope paid attention, and the next tape – “Era of Beauty” received a national award. But the popularity in the biography of Penelope Cruz did not come immediately. Only after 1997 the actress became famous. The success of Penelope brought the films of Pedro Almodovar. In 1999, the tape “All About My Mother” was released. One of the most famous films in the biography of Penelope Cruz are: “Indomitable Hearts”, “Cocaine”, “Captain Corelli’s Choice”, “Bandits”, “Vanilla Sky”.

Penelope met some of the actors who were playing along with her – with Matt Damon, Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise.

In 2009, Penelope received an “Oscar” for the film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, narrating about the love stories of two girls.

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Biography of Penelope Cruz