Biography of Jack London

Jack London is an American writer.

Jack was born January 12, 1876 in San Francisco. A new surname in the biography of Jack London was obtained when the kid was not yet a year old – his mother married John London.

The difficult financial position, as well as the foundations of the country, prompted Jack to work life early. Back at school, he worked as a salesman for newspapers. And when I finished school, I went to work at a canning factory.

In 1893 he first went on a voyage. This journey left a lot of memories, which he later used in his novels. Jack London’s first work brought him success: for the essay “Typhoon off the coast of Japan,” he received a prize.

For the whole biography London has published 16 collections. The first to bring him popularity were: “Son of a wolf”, “God of his fathers”, “Children of frost”, “Men’s faithfulness”, “Moon face”. The first novels – “Daughter of the Snows”, “Sea Wolf”, “The Game” were also favorably received by the readers. Among the most famous novels, besides those listed, for the entire biography of Jack London were “White Fang”, “Hearts of Three”, “Martin Eden”. Eight of his novels were successfully filmed.

The writer died November 22, 1916, suffering from kidney disease.

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Biography of Jack London