Biography of Franz Kafka

Biography of Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka is a writer, a prose writer.

Kafka was born on July 3, 1883 in the Czech Republic. The first education in the biography of Franz Kafka was received in primary school. The next step in education was the gymnasium, which Franz graduated in 1901. Then he entered the Charles University in Prague, after which he became a doctor of law.

After becoming employed in the insurance department, Kafka worked all his career on small bureaucratic positions. Despite his passion for literature, most of Kafka’s works were published after his death, and he disliked his official work. Kafka fell in love several times. But the novel never went further than novels, the writer was not married.

Most of Kafka’s works are written in German. His prose reflects the writer’s fear of the outside world, anxiety and insecurity. So in the “Letter to the Father” was found the expression of the relationship between Franz and his father, which had to be broken early.

Kafka was a painful man, but he tried to resist all his ailments. In 1917, a serious illness occurred in the biography of Kafka, as a result of which the writer began to develop tuberculosis. It is for this reason that during the treatment Franz Kafka passed away in June 1924.

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Biography of Franz Kafka