What helped to survive the hero of the Jack London story “Love of life”?

The story of Jack London “Love of life” made a strong impression on me. From the first to the last line you are in suspense, you follow the fate of the hero, holding your breath. You survive and believe that he will survive.

At the beginning of the story we see two comrades wandering around Alaska in search of gold. They are exhausted, hungry, move from their last strength. It seems obvious that it is possible to survive in such difficult conditions, if there is mutual support, mutual assistance. But Bill turns out to be a bad friend: he throws a friend after he has twisted his leg, passing a stony stream. When the main character was left alone amid the desolate desert, with an injured leg, he was seized by despair. But he could not believe that Bill had completely abandoned him, because he would never have done this to Bill. He decided that Bill was waiting for him near the hiding-place, where they hid together the extracted gold, food supplies, cartridges. And this

hope helps him to go, overcoming the terrible pain in his leg, the hunger, the cold and the fear of Solitude.

But what was the disappointment of the hero when he saw that the hiding place was empty. Bill betrayed him a second time, taking all the supplies and condemning him to certain death. And then the man decided that it would come at all costs that he would survive, despite Bill’s betrayal. The hero gathers all his will and courage into fist and fights for his life. He tries to catch ptarmigan with his bare hands, eats the roots of plants, protects himself from hungry wolves and creeps, creeps, creeps when he can not walk already, peeling his knees to the blood. Along the way, he finds the body of Bill, who was torn by wolves. Betrayal did not help that. Nearby is a bag of gold, which greedy Bill did not abandon until the last moment.

And the main character does not even think to take the gold. It does not matter to him now. A person understands that life is the most precious thing.

And his way becomes more and more difficult and dangerous. He has a companion – a hungry and sick wolf.

An exciting duel begins between the exhausted and weakened man and wolf. Each of them understands that he will survive only if he kills another. Now the person is always on the alert, he is deprived of rest and sleep. The wolf watches him. It is worth a man to fall asleep for a moment, he feels his wolf teeth. But the hero comes out victorious from this test and eventually gets to the people.

I was very worried when I read how a man from the last few days creeps to the ship. It seemed to me that people would not notice him. But everything ended well. The hero was saved.

I think that his courage, perseverance, great willpower and love of life helped to survive. This story helps to understand that even in the most dangerous situation one can not despair, but one must believe in good, gather strength and fight for life.

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What helped to survive the hero of the Jack London story “Love of life”?