Biography of Stendhal

Stendhal is a writer, the founder of a realistic novel.

Born Stendhal January 23, 1783 in the city of Grenoble. The father of the future writer was a lawyer. As a child, Stendhal lost his mother in his biography. And the education of the boy was mainly engaged in the grandfather, who was familiar with famous literary figures. In general school Henry studied for only 3 years, but independently learned mathematics, philosophy and logic.

In 1799, he undertook a trip to Paris to continue his education. But instead volunteered to join the army of Napoleon, beginning to serve in the Dragoon regiment. After three years he resigns, deciding to engage in self-education again, but in 1805 he returns to the service. In the post of military official visits with several armies of European states: Austria, Germany, Italy. Frederic Stendhal was a witness of the battle of Borodino, admired the courage and loyalty of the Russian people.

When the army of Napoleon was defeated, Stendhal

left the service, moved to Italy. This period in the life of Stendhal was marked by the beginning of his literary activity. The writer creates his first works, among which were: “Rome, Naples and Florence in 1817”, “The History of Painting in Italy” and others. Due to the difficult political situation, I have to return to France. But in the homeland the situation was not the best. Stendhal publishes his articles and essays under a pseudonym, fearing a negative attitude on the part of the authorities.

In the 1820s, Stendhal developed his talent for realistic writing, working on the novels of Vanin Vanini and Armance. One of his most famous novels, “The Red and the Black,” was published in 1830. Despite the active literary activity, the material position of the writer remains difficult, and the mood is pessimistic.

In July 1830 Frederic Stendhal entered the public service in his biography. From then until his death, he worked as a French consul. Then came out his novels “Lucien-Leven”, “The Life of Henri Bruhlar.” The last years of his life Stendhal spent in a gloomy mood. And on March 23, 1842, the writer died right on the street.

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Biography of Stendhal