“White Fang” of London in brief summary

“White Fang” of London in brief summary

White Fang’s father is a wolf, a mother, Kichi, half a she-wolf, half a dog. So far, he has no name. He was born in the Northern Glush and survived the only one of the whole brood. In the North, one often has to starve, this has ruined his sisters and brothers. A father, a one-eyed wolf, soon dies in an unequal fight with a trot. The wolf-cub and mother remain together, he often accompanies the wolf to hunt and soon begins to comprehend the “law of prey”: eat – or eat you yourself. A wolf cub can not articulate it clearly, but simply lives by it. In addition to the law of extraction, there are many others that should be obeyed. Life, playing in the wolf cub, the forces that control his body, serve him as an inexhaustible source of happiness.

The world is full

of surprises, and one day on the way to the brook the wolf cub comes across the unfamiliar creatures – people. He does not run away, but crouches down to the ground, “constrained by fear and ready to express that obedience with which his distant ancestor went to a man to bask at the fire that he had planted.” One of the Indians comes closer, and when his hand touches the wolf cub, he grabs her with his teeth and immediately receives a blow to the head. The little wolf whimpers with pain and horror, his mother hurries to his aid, and suddenly one of the Indians imperiously cries: “Kichi!”, Having recognized in it his dog, who ran away a year ago, when hunger once again came. Fearless mother wolf, to the horror and amazement of a wolf cub, crawls to the Indian on his belly. Gray Beaver once again becomes Kichi’s master. To him now belongs and the wolf, to whom he gives the name – White Fang.

White Fang is difficult to get used to a new life in the camp of Indians: he is incessantly compelled to repel dog attacks, he must strictly observe the laws of people whom he considers to be gods, often cruel, sometimes just. He comprehends that “the body of God is sacred,” and never again attempts to bite a person. Calling off only one hatred from his fellow men and people and always enmity

with everyone, White Fang develops quickly, but it is one-sided. With such a life, neither good feelings nor the need for affection can arise in it. But in agility and cunning with him, no one can compare; he runs faster than all other dogs, and can fight harder, harder and smarter than they are. Otherwise, he will not survive. During the change of camp, White Fang escapes, but, being alone, feels fear and loneliness. Persecuted by them, he is looking for Indians. White Fang becomes a sledge dog. After some time, he is put in charge of the team, which is further enhanced by the hatred of his fellow-men, whom he rules with fierce inflexibility. Hard work in the team strengthens the forces of White Fang, and his mental development is completed. The world around is harsh and cruel, and White Fang has no illusions on this score. Devotion to a man becomes a law for him, and from a born wolf cub a dog is obtained, in which there is a lot of wolf, and yet it is a dog, and not a wolf. and White Fang has no illusions on this score. Devotion to a man becomes a law for him, and from a born wolf cub a dog is obtained, in which there is a lot of wolf, and yet it is a dog, and not a wolf. and White Fang has no illusions on this score. Devotion to a man becomes a law for him, and from a born wolf cub a dog is obtained, in which there is a lot of wolf, and yet it is a dog, and not a wolf.

Gray Beaver brings to Fort Yukon several bales of furs and a bale with moccasins and mittens, hoping for a big profit. Assessing the demand for their goods, he decides to trade slowly, only not to cheaper. At Fort White Fang for the first time sees white people, and they seem to him gods who have more power than the Indians. But the customs of the gods in the North are rather rude. One of the favorite pastimes is the fights that local dogs are brewing with dogs that have just arrived along with the new owners on the boat. In this lesson, White Fang has no equal. Among the old-timers there is a man who is particularly pleased with dog fights. It is an evil, wretched coward and freak, nicknamed Beauty Handsome, who performs all sorts of dirty work. Once, having podpoyiv Gray Beaver, Handsome Smith buys from him White Fang and the most severe beating makes him understand, who is his new master. White Fang hates this crazy god, but is forced to obey him. Handsome Smith makes of White Fang a real professional fighter and arranges dog fights. For the distraught, hated, hunted White Fang, the fight becomes the only way to prove himself, he invariably comes out as the winner, and Handsome Smith collects money from spectators who lose the bet. But a fight with a bulldog almost becomes for Fat Fang. The bulldog clings to his chest and, without opening his jaws, hangs on it, grasping his teeth higher and getting closer to his throat. Seeing that the battle is lost, Handsome Smith, having lost the remnants of his reason, begins to beat White Fang and trample it with his feet. The dog is rescued by a tall young man, a visiting engineer from the mines, Weedon Scott. With the help of a revolver barrel of a bulldog’s jaw, he releases White Fang from the enemy’s mortal grasp. Then he buys the dog from Handsome Smith.

White Fang pretty soon comes to himself and demonstrates his anger and rage to the new master. But Scott has the patience to tame the dog caresses, and this awakens in the White Fang all those feelings that are napping and already half stalled in it. Scott sets out to reward White Fang for all that he had to endure, “redeem the sin in which man was guilty before him.” For love, White Fang pays love. He also learns the sorrows that are inherent in love – when the master suddenly leaves, White Fang loses interest in everything and is ready to die. And when Scott comes back for the first time he approaches and presses his head against him. One evening, next to Scott’s house, there is a growl and someone’s screams. It’s Pretty Smith who tried unsuccessfully to take White Fang away, but he paid a lot for it. Widon Scott is to return home, in California, and at first he is not going to take a dog with him – it is unlikely that he will endure a life in a hot climate. But the closer the departure, the more White Fang worries, and the engineer hesitates, but still leaves the dog. But when White Fang, having broken the window, gets out of the locked house and resorts to the gangway, the heart of Scott can not stand it.

In California, White Fang has to get used to completely new conditions, and it succeeds him. Collie’s shepherd dog, who has long bothered the dog, eventually becomes his girlfriend. White Fang begins to love the children of Scott, he likes and the father of Weedon, the judge. Judge Scott White Fang manages to save from revenge one of the convicted convicted Jim Hill. White Fang stabbed Hill, but he thrust three bullets into the dog, in the dog’s fight, his hind paw and several ribs were broken. Doctors believe that White Fang has no chance to survive, but “Northern wilderness awarded him with an iron organism and vitality.” After a long recovery from White Fang, the last cast bandage, the last bandage, is removed, and he staggers to the sunny lawn. Puppies crawl to the dog, him and Collie, and he, lying in the sun, slowly sinks into a nap.

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“White Fang” of London in brief summary