I bow to self-control and the will to live the heroes of Jack London

The whaling ship Bedford picked up a man who, exhausted, crawled to the sea. Before getting here, he had to overcome the trials, which seemed to be beyond the strength of man…

Two gold diggers set out on a difficult long journey to the Land of Little Sticks. From the very beginning, they were unlucky. One of the companions at the crossing of the river dislocated his leg and could not walk. His friend decided that everyone was saved alone, and abandoned him. Hungry, suffering from pain, in the middle of the river, which, with careless movement threatened with death, abandoned by a comrade, a man found the strength to get out of the river and set out on a journey. He was tormented by hunger. He tried to knock down a partridge with a stone, peered into every puddle, until finally in one of them he saw a small fish of the size of a gudgeon. He dropped his hand on the shoulder to the water, but the fish slipped away from him. He stumbled, fell into a stream and was wet to the

waist. Once he was lucky. A few days later he managed to catch a fish, which he immediately ate. The man ate berries, some plants, he was caught up by the winter, he froze, but continued to move forward steadily. Once he even had to fight the wolf, and the man defeated the beast. That’s what the will to life means! Eventually a person reaches the shore and is saved, and the one who threw him alone dies, becoming a victim of wild beasts.

Jack London draws in his stories strong-willed, courageous people in the conditions of the “white silence” of the severe North, condemns cowards and traitors.

Heavy trials had to survive and the heroes of the story “White Silence”. Two hunters and an Indian woman Ruth are moving along a huge snow-covered desert. They also starve, suffer cold, fear of an endless white desert fetters the heart…

One of them, Mason, crushed by a fallen tree, dies. There is no hope. But others must go further, because Ruth, Mason’s wife, is expecting a child. And Mason insists that the comrade leave him and take care of the future child. When you read this story, it’s hard to keep from crying. And at the same time one can not help but admire the courage and self-control of the heroes of Jack London.

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I bow to self-control and the will to live the heroes of Jack London