Biography of Ivan Franko

Ivan Yakovlevich Franco is a Ukrainian writer, scientist, politician.

After graduating from school, he studied at the gymnasium, worked in passing to ensure his life after the death of his parents. Higher education in Ivan Frank’s biography was started in 1875 at the University of Lviv. There he joined the “Muscovite party”.

In 1877 he was arrested, 9 months spent in confinement, and could not complete his studies at the university. In his further biography Franco was twice still under arrest – in 1880, 1889. During the imprisonment he collected considerable material for his works. In the soul of the writer, the fire of struggle against injustice, which was reflected in his novels, flared up. From 1885 to 1887, Franco worked as editor-in-chief of Zorya. Great popularity among the people received his collection of “Z vertices i nizin”, the story “Missia”, “Plague.”

Also Ivan Frank’s biography is known as an active public, political figure. Together with Pavlik he organized a party of strict democrats – the Russian-Ukrainian Radical Party, for a long time published the publication “The People”. In 1893, Frank’s lyrical collection Withered Leaves was published. Around the same year, he again devotes himself to learning.

For research on Mickiewicz, Ivan Franko was banned from printing in Poland. Becoming cooperative with the society of Shevchenko, Franco began to work as editor of Literary-Scientific Vistnik. Since then, he published many scientific works. The great Ukrainian writer died in 1916 in poverty.

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Biography of Ivan Franko