Questions and answers to the story of J. London “Love of life”

How did it happen that the hero of Jack London was left alone with the wild nature? What made a man pull himself together?

Nature suppressed him with her greatness and indifference, but the desire to overcome fear and pain lifted man to his feet. He had to get rid of this annoying picture that stood before his eyes: thick moss, water-soaked, low hills, boundless and terrible desert. And he went.

What hope hovered in the heart of man? What details in the story help to understand how incredibly hard it was for a man in this snowy desert?

He had only sixty-seven matches; he did not eat anything for two days; in the gun there were no cartridges; The legs were worn to the ground – there were only rags left of the moccasins; The ankle was swollen and very sore.

What tests did nature send to a hungry, losing person? What helped the person to survive?

Man conquered the fear of death, because he really wanted to live. Several times he forced himself, no matter what, to move, even to crawl, but only forward. The duel with the wild has proved the superiority of man. He left his gold, Bill’s gold, too: his weakened fingers could not hold a heavy bag of gold. Subconsciously, he felt that it could destroy him. The man did not show cowardice and even in a duel with a sick wolf won only because he was eager to survive.

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Questions and answers to the story of J. London “Love of life”