Biography of Alexey Tolstoy

Biography of Alexey Tolstoy

Alexey Tolstoy – Russian writer, poet, was born in Nikolayevsk, Saratov region in the family of the count..

The first education in the biography of Tolstoy Alexei Nikolaevich was received at home. Then, after moving to Samara, he studies at the school. Later in life Tolstoy was educated at the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology.

At this time the first poems of Tolstoy were written. Leaving the institute, devotes himself to literature. The debut in the press began with Tolstoy’s book “Behind the Blue Rivers”. The early works of Tolstoy were influenced by works of Gorky, Nekrasov, Voloshin.

During the First World War in his biography Alexei Tolstoy was a correspondent at the front. Tolstoy’s works of that time reflected the military situation.

After the revolution, I began to study the image of Peter I. In 1918 he moved to Odessa, then to Paris, Berlin. Far from his homeland written works of Tolstoy’s “Childhood of Nikita”, “Aelita”, “Black Friday”.

After returning to the USSR in the biography of Alexei Tolstoy, the trilogy “Walking by the Flours” was published. The greatest novel by Alexei Tolstoy is the historical novel “Peter the First”. Above him, the writer worked for 16 years.

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Biography of Alexey Tolstoy