Biography of Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury – American writer, was born in the city of Wakigen, Illinois.

A well-known and very fruitful writer of scientific fantasies, Bradbury skillfully combines social and technological critics with delightful fantasies.

For the entire biography of Ray Bradbury, his most famous work is, perhaps, “Martian Chronicles.” This is a story about the destruction of the Martian civilization by the greedy and immoral inhabitants of the Earth. This story was the basis of the film and several television series.

The collection of short stories by Bradbury includes “Golden Apples of the Sun”, “The Last Circus and the Executioner”, “Convector Toynbee”, “In the Blink of an Eye”, “Driving Blindly.”

Among his novels are famous “451 degrees Fahrenheit”, “Dandelion Wine”, “The Trouble Comes”, “The Halloween Tree”, and “Cemetery for Sleepwalkers”.

Bradbury also writes scripts for plays and films, detective novels, children’s stories and poems.

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Biography of Ray Bradbury