Biography of Dmitry Mamin-Sibiryak

Dmitry Narkisovich Mamin-Sibiryak is a writer, playwright.

Dmitry was born on October 25, 1852 in a small village of Perm province in the family of a priest. The first education in the biography of DN Mamin Sibiryak was received at home.

Then he began to study at the local school, and then – in the spiritual school of Ekaterinburg. The next step in education was the admission to the spiritual seminary of Perm. Then Dmitry Mamin Sibiryak in his biography studied at the Medical and Surgical Academy of Petersburg from 1872 to 1876. After I decided to retrain, I moved to the University of St. Petersburg for a law department, but did not finish my education due to a difficult financial situation.

He returned to his parents, moved to Yekaterinburg. In the biography of the writer DN Mamin Sibiryak in those years there were many trips around the Urals, during which he studied history and ethnography. His passion for literary activity in the biography of Dmitry Narkisovich Mamin Sibiryaka was in the 1880s. His works “From the Urals to Moscow” were published in the newspaper “Russian Vedomosti.” Following these essays were the works “In the Stones”, “At the Turn of Asia” and others.

If we consider a brief biography of Mamin Sibiryak, the next works of the writer were the novels Privalovskie Millions, The Mountain Nest. Then appeared – “Features from the life of Pepko”, “Mumma”, “Gold”, “Bread”. Among all the works in the biography of Mamin Sibiryaka works for children are singled out.

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Biography of Dmitry Mamin-Sibiryak