Biography of Marshak

Samuel Yakovlevich Marshak is a famous Soviet poet, translator, playwright. Known as the author of fairy tales for children, satirical works, as well as “adult”, serious lyrics.

Early years

Samuel Marshak was born on October 22, 1887 in Voronezh to a Jewish family. The family name “Marshak” comes from the famous rabbi Aaron Kaidanover, and in a brief translation means “our teacher”. The first formation of Marshak was received at the gymnasium near Voronezh. The teacher of literature singled out his talent among the other children in the class, considered the most gifted. Even in school years the first verses of Marshak were written. A well-known critic Vladimir Stasov, reading one of Samuel’s poems, helped him enter the gymnasium of St. Petersburg.

The beginning of the creative path

After acquaintance in 1904 with Maxim Gorky, Marshak from 1904 to 1906 lived in Yalta near Gorky at the dacha. In 1907 the first

works in the biography of Marshak were published.

In 1911, the writer travels to the Middle East as a newspaper correspondent. He visits Greece, Turkey, Palestine and Syria. Impressed by the trip, Marshak wrote some of his most successful poems of that period. On the journey, he meets his future wife, Sophia.

Literary career

After the wedding in 1912, the couple left for England. The next step in education was studying at the University of London. Living in England, Marshak began translating into Russian the sonnets of W. Shakespeare, the poems of W. Blake, R. Kipling, J. Austin, ballads and songs by R. Burns. Translations made by him became classical, and Marshak himself received the honorary title of citizen of Scotland.

He returned to Russia in 1914, and in 1920 he organized several theaters for children in Krasnodar. For his biography Samuel Marshak composed many works for children. For example, the stories “Twelve Months”, “The House That Jack Built”. Then Samuel Marshak wrote for a while in the genre of satire.

Along with children’s poems, poems, Marshak is working on serious issues. The writer received several awards, awards, medals for his work, among which the Lenin and Stalin Prizes.

Death and heritage

Samuil Marshak died on July 4, 1964 in Moscow. He was buried at the Novodevichy Cemetery.

The books of Samuel Yakovlevich Marshak were translated into many languages. The name of the writer named streets and memorial plaques in many cities: in his native Voronezh, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yalta and others.

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Biography of Marshak