Biography of Rudyard Kipling

Joseph Rudyard Kipling is a writer, poet.

Born Kipling December 30, 1865 in the Indian city of Bombay, his father was a professor at the Art School. The first years of life in the biography of Kipling were very happy. At the age of five he moved to England, where he lived and studied at a private boarding school.

Then, in the biography of Rudyard Kipling, the entrance to the Devon School took place. It was at that time that his great passion for literature manifested itself, at the same time Kipling wrote the first stories. Thanks to the help of his father he began to work as a journalist in the “Civil and Military Newspaper”.

Kipling becomes a reporter and journalist in India. After that, in the biography of Joseph Rudyard Kipling, travel begins in Asia, the USA, England. Kipling’s works acquire great popularity. For the first time Kipling’s short story was published in 1980. After settling in London, Kipling marries. But soon because of a material lack, he moves to relatives in the United States. It was there that DR Kipling wrote his most famous works for children: The Book of the Jungle.

In 1899, the writer returned to England, in the same year traveled to South Africa. Two years later Kipling published one of his most successful works – the novel “Kim”. Among other famous works of the writer: “Pak from the Hills”, “Awards and Fairies”.

During the First World War, Kipling’s work becomes less fruitful, he spends a lot of time working in the Red Cross. Then he is a member of the Commission on Burial. In January 1936, the writer died.

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Biography of Rudyard Kipling