Biography of Korney Chukovsky

Kornei Ivanovich Chukovsky – writer, poet, translator, critic.

Nikolay was born on March 31, 1882 in St. Petersburg. Under the pseudonym Korney Chukovsky in his biography, the writer worked since the beginning of literary activity. Later he added Ivan’s false middle name. In 1901, Chukovsky began to engage in journalism, and two years later became a London correspondent. Returned to his homeland Chukovsky in 1905. Impressed by revolutionary events, the magazine “Signal” began to be published. But only four issues of the satirical publication were published – soon Chukovsky was arrested. Thanks to a lawyer, Gruzenberg was acquitted.

Ten years, since 1906, Chukovsky in his biography lived in the village of Kuokkala. In the same place he made friends with Repin, Mayakovsky. Korney Chukovsky gradually becomes more and more famous and influential. He criticizes the article, defends the futurists.

In 1916 he went to England. After the revolution, the talent of the critic blossoms more and more in Chukovsky. But gradually, if we consider the brief biography of Korney Chukovsky, he departs from this kind of activity. From 1917 to 1926 he worked on a book about Nekrasov, also wrote about other outstanding literary figures.

Proper attention in his biography Kornei Ivanovich Chukovsky paid children’s works. His first fairy tale was published in 1916. It was followed by “Moydodyr”, “Cockroach”. Also Chukovsky was engaged in translations, retold the Bible for children.

The writer died on October 28, 1969 from hepatitis.

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Biography of Korney Chukovsky