Biography of Alexander Green

Biography of Alexander Green

Alexander Greene is a writer, a novelist.

Alexander was born August 11, 1880 in a small town of Vyatka province. In his childhood in his biography Alexander Greene dreamed of adventures. Therefore, after graduating from the school in his native city, he went to Odessa, where he began to serve as a sailor on the ship.

I tried many professions, went to serve. After desertion he began to communicate with the Socialist-Revolutionaries, who then helped organize the second escape. However, the revolutionary propaganda that Green led, led him to prison. 1903 – 1905, he spent in a high security prison. The following year, he was again convicted and sent into exile. But this time Green managed to escape. Approximately at this time begins to write the first stories. In 1907, his story was first published under the pseudonym Green. Since then, many novels, short stories and novels have come from the pen of a talented writer.

In 1919 in the biography of Alexander Green came another war period – he went to serve in the Red Army. In those years he began to write the story “Scarlet Sails.” After 1929, Green lives in the Crimea. There the writer spent the last years of his life.

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Biography of Alexander Green