Biography of Wolf Messing

Biography of Wolf Messing

Wolf G. Messing is a hypnotist, a telepath, an honored artist of Russia.

Born Wolf Messing on September 10, 1899 in the Polish city of Gura-Kalwaria. The Jewish family of the boy was very poor. So from childhood Wolf Messing in his biography worked hard. In childhood, he suffered from sleepwalking, then he recovered. He studied at a religious school, but did not become a rabbi. Wolf once left his studies and fled the house. In the whole further biography of Messing, the real facts are closely intertwined with speculation and legends. In part, the latter were spread by the telepath himself in his Memoirs.

Arriving in Berlin, Wolf undertook any, even the most dirty and hard work. But the money was still not enough, and the boy was always starving. One day he fell into a hungry

faint and did not recover for three days. After this, Messing was sent to a psychiatrist Abel. It was Dr. Abel who first discovered the extraordinary talents of Messing. It turned out that Wolf could read minds. Then Wolfgang Messing in the biography began to perform in the circus. He used his telepathy and hypnosis abilities to entertain people.

In 1915 he moved to Vienna, where he met Einstein and Freud. However, there is no record of messing with any of these scientists. Nevertheless, after a meeting with a physicist and a psychologist, Wolf decided to leave cheap and simple tricks in the circus. He began to tour around the world, everywhere surprising people with the ability to read and predict thoughts.

In 1939, when the massacre of Jews was mass, Wolf lost his father and brothers. Then Wolf’s biography of Messing was followed by an arrest. But he miraculously managed to escape, jumping from the second floor of the prison. In November 1939, he crossed into the Soviet Union.

For all his biography Messing several times met with Stalin, even predicted his death. Was evacuated to Tashkent, a fortnight spent there in the NKVD. When the war ended, Messing with his wife Aida Mikhailovna settled in Moscow. He still acted, even treated people with hypnosis. In 1960 in the biography of Wolf Messing, a difficult event happened. His wife died. Recovering, he continued to speak. In 1965 his memoirs were published. In 1971 he received the title of Honored Artist.

The last few years, Messing was sick. He stopped giving concerts, fearing that he could not endure psychological stress. In 1974, he went to surgery, during which the lungs and kidneys refused. So Wolf Messing died on November 8, 1974.

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Biography of Wolf Messing