Biography of Agniya Barto

Biography of Agniya Barto

Agnia Lvovna Barto is a writer, poet, screenwriter.

Born Agnia on February 4, 1906 in Moscow in the family of a doctor. Primary education in the biography of Agnia Barto was received at home. Then she enrolled in the gymnasium, and also attended the choreography school. About the same time, her first poems were written.

The first husband in the biography of Agnia Lvovna Barto was Pavel Barto, from whom she gave birth to Garik’s son. The second spouse was Andrei Shcheglyaev, in marriage with whom Agnia had a daughter – Tatiana.

The first verses of Agniya Barto were printed in 1925. Basically, all poems of the poetess were intended for children. Barto believed that her works would help educate honest, highly cultured, patriotic citizens. The next published collections of poems in the biography of Barto were: “Brothers” in 1928, “The Boy on the contrary” in 1934. Two years later appeared “Toys”, and then “Bullfinch”. With the advent of the Great Patriotic War, the poet changed the subject of her works, wrote military poems. When the war was over, Agnia traveled.

Following the regular collections “First-grader”, “Funny verses” in the biography of Agniya Barto, several screen scripts were written. Also among the works of Barto: the book “Find a Man”, “Notes of a Children’s Poet.”

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Biography of Agniya Barto