Biography of Boris Zhitkov

Biography of Boris Zhitkov

Boris Stepanovich Zhitkov – writer, traveler.

Boris was born on August 30, 1882 in Novgorod in an intelligent family. His father was a teacher, so it is not surprising that Boris received his primary education at home. The first years of his life in the biography of Boris Zhitkov were held in Odessa. After graduating from high school Zhitkov began to study at the Imperial Novorossiysk University. The next step in education in Zhitkov’s biography was studying at the Polytechnic Institute of St. Petersburg. There, Boris chose a different profession. If at Odessa University he attended a natural branch, then at the St. Petersburg Institute – shipbuilding.

After graduation, I traveled a lot, worked as a navigator, captain of a ship. Also in the biography of Boris Stepanovich Zhitkov, many other professions were tried. But his constant hobby was literature.

Zhitkov’s story was first published in 1924. His knowledge and impressions of travel he expressed in works. So in the biography of Boris Zhitkov was created many episodes of adventure and instructive stories. Among the most famous of his publications: “Evil Sea”, “Sea stories”, “Seven lights: Essays, stories, novels, plays”, “Stories about animals”, “Stories for children.” . The writer died on October 19, 1938 in Moscow.

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Biography of Boris Zhitkov