Alcoholism in the Life of Jack London

American writer of the early 20th century. Jack London in his books talks about courageous and brave people, who demonstrate their unyielding will and spirit in the fight against harsh reality. But, glorifying the courage of others, he himself was powerless in front of the enemy, whose name is alcoholism. From an early age, Jack was almost abandoned to the mercy of fate. He flew from home for a long time, traveled, stole oysters from other people’s baskets… Gradually, under the influence of friends, he became addicted to a glass. I tried to “keep up with the adults” – I drank on a par with the elders. Someone even predicted that he would not last a year – he would die of alcoholism.

But Jack overcame himself. For many years he abandoned the addiction. And it helped him in this quest for creativity. He began to write stories, poems. Not immediately he began to print, but he did not lose faith in himself.

Over time, Jack London has gained immense popularity as a writer. He traveled a lot, took part in social activities, engaged in self-education.

But the last years of his life were not fruitful. Suddenly, self-doubt appeared. Fatigue hampered the forces. Diseases followed – one in the other. Returned to the propensity for alcohol… At the age of forty this smart, talented, handsome man passed away.

The tragic fate of Jack London confirms his words that alcohol charges a man a terrible tribute, devouring youth, undermining his strength, selecting energy, destroying the best representatives of the human race.

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Alcoholism in the Life of Jack London