London Attractions

Despite the fact that a large number of guidebooks are published every year in different languages ​​of the world, London is still one of the most mysterious cities in the world.

World-famous sights of London surprise tourists with their diversity and at the same time exceptional uniqueness.

The capital of Great Britain has many classical sights, after watching which no one remains indifferent.

London is an ideal place for tourists interested in traditional sights of the ancient capitals of Western Europe. Sometimes it seems that this city with a long history has its own intellect and character.

The most popular tourist attractions in London according to tourists are considered

The palm tree is rightfully owned by the British Museum, in which halls there are testimonies of the early historical periods of London and the whole of Britain.

The main significance of the British Museum is that it reflects the 150-year reign of the mighty colonial

British Empire (1750-1901). Thanks to that period, the museum was able to replenish its collections with the greatest works of art from the most diverse world civilizations.

The Cathedral of St. Paul (the English Church) is the official residence of the bishop and is considered the spiritual center of the capital. The erection of this majestic church lasted more than 30 years. This cathedral keeps in itself the spirit of Christianity.

Separately it is necessary to note the house, the address of which is known practically to all world, Baker Street. In this house lived and worked himself Sherlock Holmes – the most popular fictional character in the history of world literature.

The Sherlock Holmes room is very popular among tourists in this house. It is a rare case when the writer’s ordinary fantasy, multiplied by the active character of the capital, materialized into reality.

The Westminster area is one of the most beautiful areas of the capital, it is here that the most famous and significant sights of London are located: Big Ben (the ringing of this clock is heard at a distance

of more than 6 kilometers), the famous Westminster Abbey, the Parliament building and many others.

The above listed sights of London are classical and traditional. However, for connoisseurs of architectural “high-tech” in the capital there are many interesting constructions of the present, for example, the City Hall, St. Mary’s Ex 30 (“cucumber”), etc.

London is one of those European capitals that you can study endlessly, returning to this beautiful city again and again!

The sights of London – this is actually Klondike for an inquisitive person, they open the whole history before you and form the truly British atmosphere of this city.

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London Attractions