What is politeness?

The term “politeness” means any means of expression (words and actions) that show respect between people of different classes and ages, and also in different situations. According to the dictionary “politeness” – it is good manners, compliance with a person established in this or that society of decency, and courtesy. Well, now a few words about how courtesy manifests itself.

That person who in various situations does not forget about simple words – “thank you”, “thank you”, “please” – shows courtesy in relation to other people. If in the family relations between the spouses the child does not express rude, obscene words, as well as parents encourage, thank the children for any services – this instills courtesy in children.

Relations between states are called international, and if politicians show respect for the interlocutor when communicating, this is diplomatic courtesy. An example of such politeness: the release of politicians from baggage screening at border control. If a person in any collective treats respectfully not only to the elders, but also to the younger ones, this means that in this way he expresses courtesy.

Politeness will help you in various life situations, and most importantly – start working on yourself, learn to respect the older and younger, be able not to interrupt and listen carefully to the interlocutor. A polite person is able to find a way out of difficult situations, be freed from rudeness and rudeness, and also “keep oneself in hand” even at the moment of stress.

Well, after reading our informative article What it means to be polite – you will discover for yourself a few rules of good etiquette about behavior in public places, visiting and not only.

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What is politeness?