Caution: word! Composition in the text of SL Lvov

The text of Sergei Lvov can be found in the collection: Russian language. Preparing for the USE-2016. 30 training options for the demo version for 2016: educational-methodical manual / under. Ed. N. A. Senina.

“In the beginning was the word” – this phrase, with which the Gospel of John begins, can be understood in different ways, but it makes everyone think. The word is the source of being, the basis of existence, and therefore requires a special relationship. Do we always remember this?

Sergei Lvovich Lvov reflects on the uneasy moral problem of the impact of words on a person.

Solving this problem, the publicist recalls the incident that happened to him in his childhood. One day he and other children were invited to the office by a very famous writer. He was talking with the boys about the school, after which he published an essay in the newspaper. Throughout the country, the author of the article called the narrator “a fat tongue”,

this new nickname for a long time stuck to the child. According to Lvov, you need to be careful with the word: “It can seriously hurt!”.

Further, the publicist leads us to the idea that the ways of showing courtesy were not accidentally worked out by mankind for millennia and entered the traditions of the people. In life, you can not do without restraint and affability. SL Lvov believes that “politeness, as a rule, is a synonym for inner strength and true dignity.” And from screaming and scolding, which have become almost the norm in our modern world, everyone suffers.

The author convinces the reader: offensive words bring pain and suffering, wounding the soul.

I completely agree with the publicist. Indeed, the damage done by the word can be enormous.

We do not always think about what and how we say: sometimes we are not shy in expressions, we often raise our voice, do not rush to smile at our interlocutor. But all this is not trivial.

You can kill a word, you can save a word,

In a word, you can take shelves with you… –

These lines from

Vadim Shefner’s poem “The Words” very accurately speak of the strength of what has been said, which can be both life-affirming and pernicious.

If we tell people unpleasant, we thereby spoil their mood, often for a long time. In my opinion, the child from the earliest childhood just need to instill politeness, show by examples what you can say and what you can not. It is very insulting to hear foul language from the lips of children.

Once I happened to witness an unpleasant scene: two boys of five years old were shouting loudly on the street – and almost every word of it was abusive. I was amazed at how unpleasant and at the same time common in this century was this situation. It is not excluded that the swear words will enter into the everyday conversation of those guys and in adulthood. But this speech not only destroys the language, but also spoils the mood…

Thus, the problem raised by SL Lvov is now quite relevant. Reflections of the author do not leave us indifferent. Handling the word requires maximum caution: you need to monitor your speech so as not to harm yourself or others.

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Caution: word! Composition in the text of SL Lvov