Composition “Humanism”

Humanity in our times has become a rare phenomenon. Some people do not even know what the word means. In general, in Latin translation, humanity means humanity, that is, the ability to respect and recognize the values ​​of humanity, the dignity of each individual.

To make sure that modern society is very far from humanity, it’s worth simply driving public transport at rush hour, when tired and aggressively opposed to each other, passengers are ready to fight for free space. At such moments it begins to seem that such a character trait as humanity is just a beautiful invention, and fortunately it is not so. In the world and still there are people who are able to disinterestedly sacrifice something for the sake of society, which are able to respect and love not only loved ones but also strangers. For example, humane, in my opinion, can be called the famous actress Akzhelinu Jolie, who acts as the UN Goodwill Ambassador and really cares for orphans, sacrificed large funds

for their maintenance and even adopted several kids.

The theme of humanity is widely reflected in the world literature. For example, in the story of M, Gorky “Davko” the protagonist pulls out his heart and chest to light the way for people. Also, the problem of humanity was raised in his immortal work “Faust” by the genius ™ German writer Goethe. He showed that a person becomes truly happy only when he devotes himself to work for the benefit of others.

So, I believe that humanity is an extremely rare gift that must be protected because, having it, a person really becomes a Man.

Humanity is a respectful, benevolent, sympathetic attitude towards people, the ability to be restrained in assessing their actions.

The development of humanism is rooted in the Renaissance. It was then that they expressed the opinion that a person should be respected and appreciated as such. In our time, these ideas are widely propagated through the media by politicians and stars.

Humanity, above all, presupposes an indulgent attitude toward the misdeeds of others, because no one is immune

from error. Even criminals have the right to a second chance, the right to atone for their own guilt. Therefore, I believe that the abolition of the death penalty has become one more step towards the development of a humane society.

The synonym of humanity is humanity, that is, the ability to sympathize and help others. On an international scale, this aspect manifested itself after the Chernobyl disaster. Then Cuba completely free of charge organized special camps for the treatment and rehabilitation of Ukrainian children, who suffered as a result of that terrible accident.

Important in our time is the promotion of humane treatment of HIV-infected people, because the society for lack of awareness of this disease simply turns away from such people.

Respect for national and universal human traditions and values ​​is also a component of humanity. For example, in the poem of I. Kotlyarevsky “Aeneid” it is said that during the war between the tour and Aeneas, by mutual agreement, the battles ceased for a time, so that each people could adequately bury the dead soldiers.

So, humanity is this, before with? all, mutual respect and a humane attitude towards each other. And without this it is impossible to build a highly moral society and a strong state.

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Composition “Humanism”