Composition on “What is politeness”

Courtesy is necessary for all children to learn from childhood. I believe that this quality of character is not congenital, but acquired. It can and should be educated. Children learn a lot from their parents, take an example from them, therefore, in order to cultivate courtesy in children, parents themselves need to be polite. Parents should teach their children to greet the elders first, do not forget to say goodbye, give thanks, give way to the elders.

Elementary politeness is necessary for every person, it shows respect towards other people. With a polite person, it is always pleasant to talk, he is considered well-bred and responds politely in return.

If there were more polite people in the world, there were fewer grievances, quarrels, rudeness in lines and in public transport. One rude word, spoken about another person, can spoil his mood for the whole day, but people often do not think about it. Politeness makes our life more pleasant and harmonious. It is a pity

that there are not so many really genuinely met people. Watching people in shops, I see that very few people tell the cashier or the seller “thank you”, the same thing I see in public transport. It happens that the conductor who is tired for the whole day of work, goes through the entire cabin of the bus to the person to sell him a ticket, but in return he does not hear the gratitude. Of course, many believe that this is the work of the conductor, his duty, but is it not customary to thank for the work? Nothing is worth telling the seller, cashier or conductor a simple word “thank you”. For someone who said “thank you”, it’s easy, but the person to whom this gratitude is addressed will be pleasant, perhaps even the mood will improve.

Politeness is a very good quality of a person, which helps him to be respected by other people, saves from many conflict situations and rough quarrels. A polite person respects others and respects himself and will never sink to abuse, to petty clarification of relations, to unflattering words about another person.

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Composition on “What is politeness”