Summary “The Seven Underground Kings” Volkova

Summary “The Seven Underground Kings” Volkova

The magical country was created by the magician Hurricapus. He long sought solitude, until he found a picturesque place. He surrounded the country with impassable mountains and deserts, so that ordinary people could not penetrate there. It is eternal summer, and the animals and birds are able to talk. For himself, the wizard erected a palace in the inaccessible mountains and ordered no one to approach him. Soon he died, people forgot about him, there was only a dilapidated palace, and no one dared approach him.

Years passed, the Magic country was divided into parts, quarreling among themselves. In one of the states, Prince Bofaro planned to overthrow his father King Naranju from the throne. The plot was uncovered, and the father forever imprisoned his son with his family, with all

the conspirators and their families in the dungeon. So there was a country of underground miners. Its inhabitants tamed the terrible monsters with six paws and dragons that lived in the dungeon. Gradually, these people have become unaccustomed to sunlight and came to the surface only at night, to change the precious stones they got under the ground for food.

Prince Boforo had seven sons. In order not to offend anyone, Bophoro decided: each heir will rule the country alternately, according to the month. The heirs lived in a palace, divided into parts, each of which was painted with one of the colors of the rainbow. Each king had his own ministers, and they issued their own laws. Simple people tore themselves at work to satisfy the whims of rulers. Since there was no day or night change in the underground country, time was recognized by the hourglass, followed by the Timekeeper.

Years have passed. The term of reign of one of the kings ended, and he had to transfer power to another. But he was an infant, and his mother ruled for him. She forced the Guardian of Time to translate the clock, and confusion began in the country, as the people did not know which king to obey.

The six-footed were caught by specially trained hunters. Somehow one of them saw a new source of water during the hunt. He decided to drink and fell asleep.

Seeing that the hunter was gone for a long time, the king ordered him to be found. The hunter was found near a small depression, the water in which was not. While the doctors were arguing whether he was alive or dead, the hunter opened his eyes. He was like a newborn, did not remember anything, could not drink, eat, or talk. But soon he recovered and told what had happened. After examining the water that appeared, it disappeared, the inhabitants of the underground country came to the conclusion that it was a lullaby.

Each king had his own staff of servants, on which the people had to work, so it was decided during the reign of one king to lull the rest with the whole family and retinue.

Meanwhile, the magical country came four sorceresses: Gingema, Bastinda, Stella and Willina. After the dispute, they divided the country into four parts, and left the central one free. But soon she got Goodwin from Kansas, whom people accepted as a powerful wizard. Goodwin built the Emerald City and lived in it until Ellie exposed the sorcerer. Goodwin returned to Kansas, leaving behind him the ruler of the Scarecrow the Wise.

After the defeat of the wooden army of Urfinus Deuce, a traitor from the Emerald City, Rufus Bilan disappeared into the dungeon. Wandering through the labyrinth, he found a picket forgotten by bricklayers and, having cut through the wall, destroyed the pool with Soporous water. He was seized and brought to the king. The story of Rufus Bilan aroused the king’s contempt, but he could not judge him for treachery. Because the pool was destroyed by ignorance, the king made Rufa Bilan a palace lackey.

The disappearance of Soporous water led to tragedy. Having got used to an artificial dream, people could not fall asleep on their own and suffered from insomnia until nature took its own. Now all the inhabitants of the underground country were awake, and there was not enough food for everyone. An urgent meeting was held, the meeting of which was interrupted by the news that a boy and a girl, accompanied by an unknown animal, approached the city.

A long walk

In the meantime, Ellie and her pet Totoshka are going to visit relatives. She walks with cousin Fred, who is older than a girl for two years, and talks about her travels to the Enchanted Land. Once the children decide to explore the nearby cave. Having discovered their disappearance, parents run to the cave and see that there has been a collapse. They consider the children dead.

But the children remain alive and begin to look for a way out. After wandering through the labyrinth, they go to the underground river. With him in the backpack, he put an inflatable boat, and now she needed them. After ten days of sailing, the food stocks are over, and the children have to eat fish. Finally, the boat takes out miners into the underground country.

The inhabitants of the underground country lead the children to the king. Upon seeing Ally, Rufus Bilan recognizes her and tells the king that she is a fairy who destroyed two evil wizards. In response to Ellie’s request to help her to go upstairs to return home, the king sets her condition: to return Sysing water.

The children are given beautiful rooms in the palace and guardians are attached to them. The chronicler Arrigo tells them the story of an underground country. Ellie asks the king to inform the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman about her arrival, but the king refuses: friends will demand the release of prisoners, and for underground residents this will be a big trouble.

Ellie and Fred decide to cheat. Under the pretext of visiting the pool with Soporific water, Totoshka will try to escape. Children also count on the help of Arrigo, who sympathizes with them.

The End of the Underground Kingdom

Hiding Totoshka under the jacket, Arrigo brings it to the surface during the exchange of products with Munchkins. With the help of the ruler of the Blue Country Totoška falls into the Emerald City. The scarecrow calls for the help of the Tin Woodman and the Bold Lion, and the friends are advised how to free Ellie. With a letter in the collar, in which it is reported that the Miguns, the inhabitants of the Emerald City, and the forest animals will come to help Ellie, Totoshka returns to the underground country.

Ellie pretends that she is conjuring over the source, but the water does not appear. She explains this by the fact that the powers of the underground spirits are stronger than her charms.

Ellie presents the king with an ultimatum of the Scarecrow: if the underground residents do not release the captives, the ruler of the Emerald City with the allies will go to war with them. The king is ready to fight, but only underground – the miners are not going up. Since after returning Totoshka was put in a cage, Arrigo helps to get to the top of Fred.

Fred gets to the Scarecrow and tries to dissuade him from the war. Skilful master Migunov Lester offers to make underground water pump. With such an offer, a ground delegation arrives in an underground country.

In honor of the noble guests a magnificent feast is arranged, and with the help of the duboloms the spring is restored. During the work it turns out that the water lulls its vapors, but the diamonds protect it from it.

Having received Soporific water, each king began to weave intrigues against the others, wishing to become the only ruler, but the Scarecrow Wise outsmarted all. He lulled all the kings and their retinue, and when they woke up, they were raised by ordinary workers. The ruler of the country was elected one of the Keepers of Rugeau time, and the rest of the residents had to remain silent and not tell the kings about their past. Only Ruf Bilan did not inspire confidence, and he was taken to the cave, putting him to sleep for ten years.

Ellie and Toto and Fred must return home. The queen of mice Ramina predicts that this is the last trip of the girl to the Magic country. Deliver the children home entrusted to the manual dragon Oihjo. Friends gently say goodbye to Ellie, feeling that they see her for the last time.

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Summary “The Seven Underground Kings” Volkova