Writing on a moral and ethical topic: People say good words

How many different meanings, meanings, emotions can accommodate a single word! What inexhaustible, inconceivable power it possesses! But it is up to us to which channel to direct this force. After all, it is possible to inflict irreparable harm, insult, irritation and anger, or to bring great benefits, to give joy and a good mood.

Every day we communicate with many people. But do we always think about what exactly we say, what words we say, what is our words for another person? Of course, not always. All of us are subject to strong influence of mood, state of health, certain life situations and circumstances. And it happens that by talking to other people and answering their questions, appeals, we throw them in response the first words that came to mind. But the word, if it is said, you will not return it back.

As often happens, that, completely unwilling, we offend close and dear people to us. And just because they said something rude, unpleasant, insulting words. A few

words – and the friendship is broken, there is misunderstanding, mistrust, insult. “Yes, did I want to offend him, we are surprised after.” “I did not mean that!” But time is gone, the words are said, and often there is already much that can not be corrected. “I did not put it that way,” that is, I said the wrong word – and the person without any seemingly good reason for a long time spoiled the mood. We have offended the person, instilled in his soul sadness, anger, negative emotions. And was it worth it?

How pleasant it is to meet a man who is always positive, from whom you always hear pleasant, good words, no matter how sad he is in his heart, no matter how much he would like to be alone at that moment, avoid communication. But after all, we all live in a society and must be able to live and speak beautifully. For example, we came to visit a friend, and he has some troubles at this moment, he does not feel well or he just has a bad mood. We can, of course, get frustrated ourselves, turn around and leave, leaving the friend alone with our problems. But we can –

and should – act differently.

We can share with his friend his concerns, say a few pleasant things. encouraging words, calmly discuss the current situation. In most cases, this will help a person very much. In good words, you can please, drive away a bad mood, dispel doubt and uncertainty. And the joy given to another doubles back to us. And now there are more cheerful, friendly, happy people! To those who say pleasant, good, kind words more often, others always stretch. Friendly people have many more friends – real ones, ready to help at any time, say a good response, support a friend and dispel a bad mood. Such people live much easier, more joyful, more interesting.

We often talk to each other. “All the best,” “Good luck,” “I wish you good and happiness.” And this is not just a manifestation of politeness, in these words we express our human essence, the ability to understand and kindly treat others. A great kindness lies in such words as “hello”, “good day”. Saying them, we whole-heartedly wish people health and good. So, the more often we pronounce them, the more joy and kindness appears around. Good wishes live in the soul of those who know how to give the power of their soul to other people. We say: “Thank you,” “Thank you.” To give thanks is to do good, to give good. And it’s not even about being able to pronounce these words at the right moment, but about responding to good with the movements of the soul itself,

It often seems to me. that with the help of good, polite, sincere words one could avoid many unpleasant situations in life, prevent dramas and tragedies, make life brighter, more pleasant, more beautiful and happier if all people on earth before saying any sharp word literally for a few seconds thought about whether this sharpness is justified, will not the rudeness of undeserved resentment cause a person? If each of us sometimes put on the scales a momentary satisfaction from the harshness, mockery, cynical utterances and the consequences that such behavior can cause, the negative influence that an ill-considered phrase will have on the further relations with people, on the internal state – and the interlocutor and their own, then so many unpleasant and rude words would never have been said. So say, people,

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Writing on a moral and ethical topic: People say good words