Relationships between children and adults

Adults and children are at different stages of maturity, and therefore the relationship between them is unequal. But most teenagers consider themselves quite adult and think that they will be able to cope with all the difficulties that arise in their way, not fully aware of all the complexities of this world.

They crave freedom and independence. And, unfortunately, when they receive this, they change, alas, not for the better, because they are not yet too experienced, and the world is now cruel and merciless to all indiscriminately. Therefore, parents should be more serious about the upbringing of their children and try to exert a significant influence on them.

To lay the initial stage of development is very important, because it will determine the future fate of man. And for this, parents need to give a very good example, which their children will imitate. Relations between parents and children should be friendly, and mutual understanding and love should prevail in the family.

Now, I think, many teenagers would like to devote more time to conversations on issues of interest to them or simply to heart-to-heart talks. And also pay attention to ensure that adults do not put hard restrictions and restrictions. After all, these prohibitions can only develop a dislike for themselves, and the child will become withdrawn and aggressive.

Thus, it is necessary to instill respect for the elders, understanding each other and striving to make relations even better from the very childhood.

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Relationships between children and adults