What it means to know yourself

In order to become a moral and well-bred person, you need to know yourself well: both the good that is in us and our shortcomings. In addition, you need to know or at least represent what you would like or thought necessary to become, what you are aiming at, what for you, for example, means “moral person”. Only then, comparing yourself with your ideal, you can see what you need to improve in yourself, and determine how to do it.

Everyone has his own way to self-knowledge, but he should begin with an analysis of his actions and evaluation of them or with observation of oneself.

Is it possible that you with a kind smile are helping a teacher on the street who was met accidentally, carrying a shopping bag, and after a few minutes pushing the elderly people out to get on the trolley as soon as possible? If you do this, then you are a lot of showy; you pretend to be brought up only when it is profitable for you, or in front of acquaintances.

Real politeness,

morality – this is not a festive attire, but everyday clothes, which should always be clean and beautiful. You can not be a noble knight in public, and at home – a robber who screams, scandals, slams the doors; or at school – a pirate attacking girls and students of lower grades, and at home – a model of behavior.

But what about your feelings of responsibility and commitment? Do you know how to keep other people’s secrets? Have you learned how to subdue the envy of the success of your classmates? Can you show tact and sensitivity in different life situations?

A person can cultivate himself only when, while watching himself, he tries to form a self-esteem.

If a person, realizing his positive qualities, objectively, decisively and critically treats his shortcomings and on this basis forms real life plans concerning cultural, moral, physical and intellectual issues, then this position is the most favorable for self-improvement. The sooner a person thinks about what he wants or should be, the more he will have the opportunity and time to get closer to his ideal. And the sooner he becomes on the path of self-improvement, the greater the distance he will be able to pass through it.

Self-evaluation is the formation of a certain attitude towards one’s positive qualities and shortcomings.

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What it means to know yourself