Respect for elders

Hearing once again from the older woman the phrase that her child does not respect parents, the young mother is internally proud that with her something like that will never happen, because her baby is so tender, affectionate and, in general, is the best. And indeed it is. But for now. While you are for the child – the best friend with whom he shares children’s simple sorrow and joy. And so it will be in the future, if in response he will not hear “my mother is busy!”, “Let’s later” and “what nonsense?!”. Otherwise, the child will understand that you are not particularly interested in his life. Respect him, and the child will answer you the same! And then you do not have to think about why children do not respect their parents and who is to blame for this.

In order for a child to feel respect for the older generation, the rules for such an attitude should be instilled literally from birth. Remember, respect for elders is a

trait that is formed not in one day and not in words. Kids copy the model of behavior that parents show, so your words about respect for older and corresponding etiquette will not be accepted if in life the child sees the opposite. On the example of the most native people for him, he sees why and why one should respect the elders, and growing older does not think about it anymore.

We will not dwell on how to make the child respect his parents, since it is obvious that coercion can only give rise to fear or rebellion on the part of the child. Both options for parents and the baby is not very good. But to understand how to teach a child to respect parents, adults and himself, is much more important.

First, the kid always needs to know that he will never be humiliated by close people. Especially it concerns punishments for any fault with strangers. Secondly, the relationship between parents is an indicator of how the child will behave with adults. If mum and dad allow themselves to loudly clarify the relationship, insult and humiliation in children, then for the latter this is a guide to action.

Often spend

time reading not only interesting, but instructive books. On the example of the heroes of fairy tales, children learn life, therefore, the choice of the corresponding literature should be approached seriously.

Attention and care for elders is manifested in such pleasant little things as a card with your hands for the holiday, a phone call or a letter. After all, your grandmothers also store the first letter written in the indistinct large handwriting of the first-grade grandson?

A family whose members always care about each other is the main thing that we should strive for. The baby from the cradle must realize that the most precious treasure he has is his parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents.

In the formation of respect for elders, the ability of the child to empathize, to share anything, to sympathize is not the least. Therefore, together, treat kisses with abrasions and small bruises from my mother, stroke my dad’s head when he comes tired from work. By the way, the emphasis on respect to older people is not necessary – younger brothers and sisters also deserve it.

The most effective method to teach the child respect for the elders is your parents. Do not be shy during their coming again to be children. Participation in the lives of older people, caring for them is the brightest and most impressive example of a child. Besides, it’s quite simple.

Do not forget that by raising a child’s sense of respect for the elders, you will not only not blush in the minibus when he does not give way to a granny, but provide yourself with a secure and happy old age.

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Respect for elders