Composition happy family

A lot of people live around me. Couples in love create families. What is a happy family for me? How would I like to see my own family?

It seems to me that in order to attract external appeal, people often forget about the main thing: about what unites people. A man and a woman can not be happy together if they look at the world in different ways.

It is important to find a common ground. That between the different in education, the level of culture and perception of the surrounding reality people had mutual understanding. If the number of common topics is catastrophically small, such an alliance will sooner or later order a long life.

In order to harmoniously complement each other, you need to overcome your own selfishness, learn to listen carefully to your partner.

Of course, there should be children in a happy family. Without them, the joint existence of two adults will not be complete. Children need to be taken care of, educated, taught to respect and kindness. Only then is there hope for the formation of a worthy society by our descendants.

Relations between parents should be an example for the younger generation. Do not be shy of tenderness and become self-absorbed. Only by observing genuine family values, one can bring up a worthy person.

In a friendly family, everyone must take care of the neighbor, try to help in all endeavors. It is clear that each person is individual, but the art of circumventing conflicts must become fundamental in relations between close people.

If all members of the family are on friendly terms, there will rarely be quarrels between them.

Respect for the personal space of each relative, the desire to understand his inner world is the basis for creating a happy family.

Tolerance and the ability to preserve tender feelings for many years will allow parents for a long time to be the model of relations in an ideal family.

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Composition happy family