Relationship between fathers and children

The relationship between “Fathers and Children” remains an urgent problem today. What is the key to excellent relationships? Undoubtedly, mutual understanding should be the basis of mutual respect, mutual respect and mutual trust. People should disinterestedly care for their loved ones and relatives, help and support each other, because there is no one closer to the family.

The author of the text, L. G. Matros, talking about the relationship between the main character of the text and her son, writes: “They all discussed together, often walked together, shared impressions of what they saw and read about the dizzying opportunities associated with the development of biology, about his friends and relations with them and even about his love. “

I can not fully agree with the opinion of the author, I believe that, sooner or later, the son of the main character will be less and less divided with her mother, increasingly with friends, and not because she

is a bad mother, but because it is arranged our world: young and adult people of different generations with different tastes, views and thoughts. Acknowledgment of my words is the work of IS Turgenev “Fathers and Sons.” In this novel, the main opponents are E. Bazarov and P. P. Kirsanov. Eugene and Pavel Petrovich are two people who have absolutely different views on life. But instead of compromising, they behave “like a cat with a dog,” constantly arguing and conflicting: “Fingernails, at least send an exhibition!” – Yevgeny Pavlov Kirsanov ridicules the fact that the second attaches great importance to his appearance. And Pavel Petrovich,

No less striking example of the problem of the relationship between “fathers and children” is the story of K. G. Paustovsky “Telegram”. This work shows us that there are people for whom work is more important than family. So, Nastasya, the main heroine of the story, could not leave her job to go to her seriously ill mother. And later, when the girl realized the magnitude of the possible loss, she rushed to her mother in the Zabor, but it was too late.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the problem touched upon by the author of the text will be relevant forever. After all, along with the generation, life on earth changes in many ways, and it is difficult for the older generation to understand the younger one.

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Relationship between fathers and children