“Good qualities of man” composition

Communicating with different people, you come to the conclusion that not everyone has normal, human qualities. Sometimes you will meet someone who does not really look like a reasonable, normal individual. I have to deal with different people, many of them are nice, interesting interlocutors, positive personalities. I appreciate the frankness of people and do not accept secrecy and meanness. A good person manifests itself somehow at once, it is only necessary to talk to him, talk, spend time.

However, sometimes one has only to guess about the qualities of a colleague in his studies until certain circumstances arise. In different situations of life, the features and properties of a person’s character manifest themselves in the best way. Once we were on a hike, we were caught by a heavy downpour. By a strange coincidence, only one tent was at the disposal of our team. In our group there were three guys who positioned themselves as leaders and tough boys. Meanwhile, when it began to rain, they grabbed a common tent and hid in it, forgetting about their comrades. I can not justify and approve such actions.

The head of our group organized an indoor rest for all, using the means at hand: a raincoat and plastic wrap. We were all very grateful to this man for his care and resourcefulness. Later we began to treat our teacher with respect and reverence. To human qualities, which I value and respect, include kindness, decency, concern for others, diligence, generosity, sociability.

Sometimes people are afraid to show their qualities of a person, for fear of being misunderstood by society. There are strange personalities that you will not understand right away. But time comes and man opens and presents the world with his wonderful words, deeds and deeds. The best qualities of a person are positivity, justice, determination and the ability to love and respect other people.

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“Good qualities of man” composition