What should be the teacher

Only sincere love for children and their subject keeps our teachers in school for a long time. The profession of a teacher is one of the most stressful, a person is constantly in emotional tension. The ability to carry such loads is one of the requirements of the teacher’s professional suitability, which brings this business closer to the profession of a doctor. What should be the teacher to become not ordinary, but a good teacher, to which students come long after graduation?

The most important quality, without which a good teacher is unthinkable, is the belief in his students. Not so often, but still sometimes we see how a strong belief in the best in a child makes of a well-heeled troechnik a strong good guy, or even an excellent student. A brilliant teacher is not a winner of competitions, but a winner of students’ laziness, their despair. This is the one who knows how to give hope even in difficult situations. What should be the teacher? The most important quality

is to see the child’s intellectual and moral potential.

Work as a teacher requires special sensitivity, caution, sensitivity to the mood of children, the ability to understand children as a collective as a whole, because a large group of children gathered together is like one person. Experienced teachers know that each class has its own face. What works in one team will not work in another. Therefore, a teacher who knows how to guess the best strategy and tactics of behavior with different teams, will be a good specialist.

What should be the teacher to deserve the title of an excellent teacher? A professional in building human relations. If the teacher does not have a relationship with the student, this is a sign of insufficient formation of this skill. It is very difficult to choose and maintain the right distance, so that, on the one hand, there is no coldness, and on the other hand, that the student does not accept the familiar model of behavior. Partnership is possible only with high school students, but at the same time the student must remember that he is a junior partner, and the teacher is

the senior partner.

What should be the teacher so that the disciples respect him? Thinking, doing and speaking the same thing. The teacher can be authoritarian, sharp, capricious, but if his words do not differ from the case and thought, the students will still respect this teacher. There are many who will feel sympathy for such a teacher. It is very important to be fair that the pupils are sure that the teacher puts the grades not in accordance with likes and dislikes. In this case, the transparency of the assessments made by the teacher helps a lot. When a schoolboy knows the requirements and sees how they are realized, he feels much calmer. This gives him the feeling that his efforts directly affect academic achievement. Increased motivation and self-confidence.

To be a good teacher, you must meet many requirements. Not everything turns out at once, but in due course each person who has come to a trade, can learn to become the teacher with the big letter.

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What should be the teacher