What is charity?

Among the various manifestations of good, perhaps the most convincing is Mercy. The dictionaries of the Ukrainian and Russian languages ​​interpret this virtue as a sympathetic attitude towards someone. The person who is ready to help others is filled with kindness and sensitivity. In this sense, the words “merciful” and “good” are synonyms. Thus, charity is an active good, that is, one that manifests itself in our actions. It is the embodiment of a high love for others. For example, in Christian dogma, as charitable duties of each person, merciful actions are defined: to feed the hungry; thirsty to give a drink; Naked clothes; take the traveler and feed him; patient and prisoner to visit; dead bury. Manifestations of spiritual mercy are kind advice, words of consolation.

Charity is based on such qualities as sensitivity, attentiveness, benevolence, and is incompatible with arrogance, indifference, rudeness. Only that act is merciful, which shows respect for man.

Charity is an active desire to help anyone who needs it.

Empathy is a sensitive attitude to someone else’s grief, to someone’s experiences.

Humanity is a sincere, friendly attitude to people; attentiveness to other people’s needs.

Sensitivity is attentiveness and a cordial attitude towards people.

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What is charity?