“Children and parents” composition

The issue of the relationship between adolescents and their parents is quite complex and serious. Unfortunately, not all young people can boast of a good relationship with their parents. The reasons can be very different, for example, a lack of understanding of each other or a difference in views. Also, parents with children may disagree about what to do in their spare time, with whom to be friends, what music to listen to, etc. This is a very difficult period in the life of both young people and their parents. From the correct behavior in this period depends the relationship that will take shape in the future, so the main task is to maintain contact and mutual respect.

In adolescence, young people try to become independent, and parents see them as dependent children. In such cases, both parents and children need to make efforts to eliminate misunderstandings and get closer. Sometimes you need to talk with each other, explain your point of view, listen to the opinion of the other

side. To achieve a balance in relationships, it is first of all necessary to show sincere love and concern for close people, to try to understand the position of another person. This applies to both teenagers and their parents. It should be remembered that if you show respect for the opinion of another person, conflict can be avoided. In case there is a conflict, it is necessary to find ways for reconciliation.

Young people should always remember that parents love their children very much and wish them only good. Parents have a great life experience and perhaps their advice will really help in solving certain problems.

In turn, parents should remember the time when they themselves were teenagers. They should not criticize, but help the child decide on the right decision. This can only be done in a friendly conversation. And do not criticize a teenager for not sharing their opinions or views on life. If parents change their attitude to the growing up child in a timely manner, become more tolerant of their shortcomings, leave them the right to choose clothes, friends or hobbies, they can avoid many quarrels and conflicts in the future and help the child gain confidence in their abilities.

Summarizing, we can say that the issue of the relationship between the older and younger generations should be resolved through the establishment of partnerships, where each side has the right to its point of view and its choice.

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“Children and parents” composition