Composition on the theme “Culture of behavior”

A few centuries ago, the English philosopher Locke noticed that a man of ill-bred courage becomes rudeness, scholarship is pedantry, wit is jesting, simplicity is uncouthness, good-nature flattery. This is a correct and correct remark. It is not enough to have merit – you still have time to show them. Otherwise, dignities can turn into flaws.

The culture of behavior is an integral part of the common culture worked out by mankind. It involves meeting the basic requirements and rules of the human community.

As far as other people are concerned, the culture of behavior includes a culture of clothing, a culture of speech, a culture of external manners.

The rules of cultural behavior help a person decide how to act in this or that case, not to enter into conflict with other people, to find the right way out of a difficult situation, that is, it helps to establish worthy relations.

The culture of behavior is one of the conditions for creating harmony between a person and a collective, mutual understanding of people.

I want to be a well-bred person, so I constantly work on the culture of behavior and the culture of speech.

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Composition on the theme “Culture of behavior”