A person should be intelligent

A person must be intelligent! And if his profession does not need intelligence? And if he could not get an education: so there were circumstances? And if this intelligence made him a “white crow” among employees, friends, relatives, becomes an obstacle to rapprochement with other people? No no and one more time no! Intelligence is needed in all circumstances. You need it and those around you. This is very, very important, first of all, in order to live happily and for a long time: just so, for a long time! After all, intelligence is identical with moral health, and health is necessary in order to live long – not only physically, but mentally.

In one ancient book it says: “Respect your father and your mother, and you will be a long-liver on earth.” This applies to the whole people, and every single person. It’s wise. But first we will determine what is intelligence, and only then – why it is connected with the commandment of longevity.

Many believe that an intelligent person is a well-read person, highly educated (and his education is predominantly humanitarian), travels a lot, knows several languages. Nevertheless, you can have these qualities and not be an intellectual, but you can not have anything and be an internally intelligent person.

In fact, deprive an intelligent person of memory. Let him forget everything, he will not know the classics of literature, he will not remember the best works of art if he can penetrate the beauty of nature, understand the character and personality of another person, and, understanding it, will help him not show rudeness, indifference, gloating, envy and worthy of him – this is what will be a true intellectual.

Intelligence is not only in knowledge, but in the ability to understand one’s neighbor. She finds herself in a thousand little things: in the ability to politely argue, modestly behave at the table, in the ability to help someone unnoticed (just imperceptibly), protect nature, do not litter around – do not litter with cigarette butts or abusive words, bad ideas (this is garbage

too more and what!). Intelligence is the ability to understand, to perceive, this tolerance for the world and for people.

Intelligence needs to develop in itself, train, train the mental forces, as physical train. And training is possible and necessary under any conditions. The fact that the training of physical forces assists in longevity is understandable. Much less realize that for longevity it is necessary to train spiritual and spiritual forces.

The fact is that a malevolent and evil reaction to others, rudeness and misunderstanding of those who surround us is a sign of spiritual and spiritual weakness, human inability to live. Aesthetically unreceptive man is an unhappy man. A person who does not know how to understand another person who ascribes only bad intentions to him, who always takes offense at others, such a man darkens his life and prevents him from living another. Mental weakness leads to physical weakness. I’m not a doctor, but I’m sure of it. Many years of experience convinced me of this. Friendliness and kindness make a person not only physically healthy, but also externally beautiful. Yes, it is beautiful.

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A person should be intelligent