The Painting by Malevich “Black Square”

I would like to take this opportunity to send greetings to our Ministry of Education, which compels children to write descriptions of paintings, as well as a separate greetings to my Russian schoolteachers Alle Nikolaevna, and also write specifically for them according to GOST standards, the composition-description of the painting “Black Square”.

In front of me is opened a page, with a remarkable work of art of all times and peoples. There are simply no analogues, and never will be. The author of this remarkable work is Kazimir Severinovich Malevich. His painting entitled “Black Square” is undoubtedly the pinnacle of his work, and creativity in general.

In the middle of a once white, well now aged and yellowed canvas, a black square is located. It is perfectly and proportionally smooth, it is not noticeable that at least one side was located as something not so. Once upon a time, the black square, perfectly black, was considerably dilapidated and

crumbled. However, in the pattern that was created by time and air, there is something attractive and even, it is worth noting, ingenious. This picture tells about the frailty of being, this philosophically-located square, these emotions when viewing this picture, involuntarily looking at it you think about the eternal.

Think about the meaning of life, about how it can be stupid and naive, about its not fairness, its black colors and shades. Similarly, the author of this square wanted to convey that all the colors that surround us in fact are nothing more than a consequence of the two sides. After all, the medal has only two sides, but life does not have more. Good and evil, matter and antimatter, man and woman, life and death, yin and yang, and no, 0 and 1, light and darkness, black and white. Looking at this picture, one can involuntarily start a tear that rolls over the face and falls to the floor.

The author who wrote this picture is certainly genius, this picture surpasses everything. Certainly, a masterpiece, like all that, belongs to the style of supermatism, the founder of which is Kazimir Severinovich. I think she deservedly gained fame and all those who say that the picture does not make sense, all those who laugh at it, just simply illiterate ignoramuses.

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The Painting by Malevich “Black Square”