Painting by Repin “Portrait of Tretyakov”

Among a number of portraits of IE Repin, one of the most remarkable is the portrait of Pavel Tretyakov, the founder of the gallery of Russian artists who later became a real national treasure.

Tretyakov, who deeply respected and appreciated Repin’s work, acquired many of his paintings. Repin, in turn, deeply appreciated the ascetic activity of the collector. The correspondence between the collector of paintings and the artist, which lasted twenty-five years, which proves their mutual affection and interest in each other. The portrait of Tretyakov was painted by the artist in 1883.

The portrait is not distinguished by the temperament of the brush and the vividness of the color. Repin understands that restraint and modesty of PM Tretyakov would not be in harmony with more active technique and bright colors. The artist found a restrained, dryish manner of writing.

Tretyakov is shown against the backdrop of his favorite gallery. He sits, gently leaning his elbows on the soft back of the chair. Pavel Mikhailovich is thoughtful, calm, deeply withdrew into himself. Tretyakov leaves the impression of a somewhat withdrawn person. Still a young face with regular, strict features and a reddish beard expresses concentration, organization. Perfectly written hand collector – with beautiful long fingers, lying on the drape of a merchant coat.

Contemporaries considered the portrait very successful and found not only an external, but also a deep inner resemblance.

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Painting by Repin “Portrait of Tretyakov”