Painting of the Quiet “Storks”

IA Tikhii gave us a magnificent, gentle, incredible and soulful work – “Storks”. The picture depicts a yellowing field, over which a small flock of storks flies by. He quite accurately conveyed the mesmerizing flight of birds and the amazing landscape of the area. In my opinion, all this forms unity and harmony, which casts memories of childhood and carelessness. It seems to me that this flock of storks is a kind of symbol of the beginning of a new life and a desire for the future.

Straightening their powerful wings, they seem to shake off the burdensome past, which has long lost its significance. Personally, I have this flight of storks associated with the dance, which consists of light, almost weightless movements. Another association that occurred to me when viewing the picture is connected with a fairytale story, in which the truth is that not the storks, but the geese are swans.

I think that the composition of the picture is quite interesting and

profound. Looking at the picture, each finds something for himself, something that causes a series of emotions and feelings. Storks are the basis of the plot. They are like majestic guides between earth and sky.

It seems to me that a huge role in the perception of the picture was played by the color palette, which not only managed to convey the mood of the author, but also allowed to penetrate the plot line of this work of art. The prevailing in the picture are warm colors, due to which the impression of softness and airiness was created. Gently – blue, dark green, white and yellow perfectly passed the autumn motifs and created an amazing contrast. Juicy colors not only emphasize the beauty of nature, but also contribute to the disclosure of the plot.

I really liked the picture. She let me plunge into my thoughts and thoughts. This work of art made it possible to recall childhood and all the pleasant moments that are associated with it. Also, the picture inspired me with a feeling of tenderness and tranquility.

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Painting of the Quiet “Storks”