The Painting by Rubens “The Abduction of the Daughters of Leucippus”

The collection of paintings by the famous artist Peter Paul Rubens, which is considered the world heritage, was replenished with one more work. The canvas “The Abduction of the Leucippus’ Daughters”, which for a long time was considered a forgery, after research turned out to be a real original, and was written by the hand of the great master of painting.

All this time the painting was in the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo. Now, when the authenticity of the picture is confirmed, interest in this museum has increased at times. An expert who studied the painting of Rubens was Nico Van Hout, a professional expert from the Antwerp Museum of Fine Arts. It was he who, speaking here as a curator, discovered a canvas that was gathering dust in the dark corner of the museum and was inaccessible to the viewer. A fake picture was called back in 1950. Then the expert Julius Held conducted an erroneous study, after which the remarkable picture was half forgotten by all.

In the picture by Rubens “The Abduction of the Daughters of Leucippus” depicts a mythological scene. The plot of the picture tells the story of the abduction of the sons of Zeus by Castor and Pollux by the daughters of King Leucippus. The picture was supposedly written in 1610-11. It is believed that this is the first picture on this topic. The second picture with the same story and title Rubens wrote in 1617-18. The last painting today is stored in Munich.

Peter Paul Rubens – Abduction of the Daughters of Leucippus

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The Painting by Rubens “The Abduction of the Daughters of Leucippus”