Painting by Ge “Portrait of Tolstoy”

Karl Bryullov is a famous artist who paints portraits of people. Among his works there is a picture called “Portrait of Count A. Tolstoy.” It occupies a special place in the work of the painter, so let us dwell in detail on its description.

In the picture, against the background of nature, depicts the famous writer of Russian literature Alexei Tolstoy. The count is young, he is only about 20 years old. Perhaps he came hunting, or maybe he just decided to take a walk in the woods.

We see the beautiful face of Alexei Tolstoy, it is completely calm. A high forehead, correctly laid black curls, white cuffs and a white collar of clothes emphasize the nobility of this man. The view of the hunter is directed away into the distance. Maybe he enjoys the surrounding nature? Or he was attracted to a particular subject? Or maybe a bird or a small animal?

In the hands of the earl holding a gun. But it seems that he does not prepare to shoot, but simply took it because

it is part of the hunter’s costume. A black cap and a hunting bag over his shoulder complement Tolstoy’s portrait. His dog looks closely at his master. Her devoted gaze indicates that she is ready at any moment to execute the order of the person. The dog patiently waits for what its master will do next.

In the background of the picture we see a forest. A large tree stands behind and, with its thick foliage, covers a distant view. Maybe this mighty oak spread its strong branches? The central character is just in the shade of this tree. Probably, there, in the distance, a spacious field, and behind the field – the house of the count.

The picture of K. Bryullov creates a good mood. All the colors chosen by the artist are calm, soft, soft. The color palette is not so great: black, brown, green, white are the main colors. But their shades make the painting work interesting and alive. Light colors contrast with the dark. Specific lines, clear outlines make the portrait naturalistic.

Portrait of Count A. K. Tolstoy turned out to be successful in K. Bryullov. This picture gives us the opportunity to see all the skill of the artist. Other portraits of this painter are no less beautiful. But these are the themes of other works.

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Painting by Ge “Portrait of Tolstoy”