Painting by Aivazovsky “The Battle of Chesme”

By the early period of creativity of the great painter-seascape, the painting “Chesme battle”. This is a very important episode in the history of the Russo-Turkish war. For one night, Russian ships were able to destroy a significant part of the Turkish fleet in the Chesme Bay. The author did not participate in this battle, but on the canvas everything is depicted very convincingly.

The painting “Chesme battle” is one of the few where the author showed not the confrontation between nature and man, namely the opposition of people, one against the other, the sea was just a battlefield. We see large flames rising into the sky and dark clouds of smoke. The remains of ships are scattered around the sea and the surviving people try to swim up to them.

The foreground of the picture shows us the large warships of the Russian army. They do not stop at nothing. Crush the enemy fleet, drown his ships, setting big losses. Behind them, leaving only debris and people who scream for help.

A selection of flowers is striking in its color. Transitions from the dark blue sea to red-burning ships and again to the dark blue sky give the picture of dynamics and movement. It seems that you can hear shots, crackling fire, people screaming. And only a month calmly observes everything because of the clouds and smoke. Although the colors are dark, and the plot is not too joyful, but the picture turned out bright and impressive. Perhaps, so the author expressed his enthusiasm for the Russian fleet. This picture takes an honorable place among the paintings that glorify an important stage in the history of the Russian fleet.

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Painting by Aivazovsky “The Battle of Chesme”