Painting by Repin “Sadko”

Ilya Repin is a famous Russian painter and painter. His pen belongs to many everyday and historical scenes. It also has the name “Mather of a portrait”.

Thanks to the picture “Sadko”, which the author wrote in 1876, while in Paris, he received the title of academician of the Imperial Academy of Arts. This picture received great recognition in the homeland of I. Repin and was purchased by Alexander III, the future emperor.

The painting depicts the hero of the Russian bylina, the merchant Sadko. He was known for his playing on the harp. Once he got to the sea king in the underwater kingdom. He was very fascinated by his play and, to always listen to her, he suggested that Sadko choose one of the daughters of the tsar, a sea maid, as his wife.

The author on the canvas depicted exactly the moment when the girls appear one after another in the depths of the ocean and slowly pass by Sadko. All the girls in a very. rich and elegant clothes. In the picture the author dressed them in national costumes of different countries. But the attention of a merchant is drawn by a simple peasant girl. She stood aside, and called her the Cormorant. There was a big wedding feast, after which Sadko fell asleep, and woke up on the ground, near the river Chernavi.

In the process of working on this picture, the author visited a marine aquarium, recently opened in Berlin. So he could more convincingly and realistically show the marine life in his creation. Also in the picture is used the richest palette of colors. From light colors to dark saturated colors. To show the whole reality of what is happening in the picture there are fish, starfish, corals.

His painting “Sadko” I. Repin first depicts the Russian epic. This gives a push to many famous painters to write such a genre. IE Repin in many areas of Russian painting is considered a pioneer.

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Painting by Repin “Sadko”