Painting by Kramskoy “Portrait of A. Suvorin”

Kramskoy, painted a portrait of Suvorin in 1881. Suvorin was the publisher of the newspaper Novoye Vremya, and personally asked his friend Kramskoy to draw it. According to historians, this picture caused delight, but provoked a scandal. They said that in the portrait there are repulsive features of the protagonist. Kramskoy had to prove to Suvorin for a long time that the picture was drawn from a pure heart.

In the picture we see Suvorin, he got up from the chair on which he was sitting, in order to greet the visitor. On his desk a neatly spread out paper. He is dressed in a frock coat in black, the cuffs on his sleeves are starched. In my opinion, Kramskoy with such small details as a smile, folds of a coat, sliding glance, could provoke a scandal.

But if you look more attentively, you can see in Suvorin’s view Clarity, intelligence, firmness, perseverance and determination. Kramskoy managed to create a fairly accurate image of Suvorin in his own. portrait, showing it not only externally, but also revealing the inner qualities.

Looking at the picture, it seems that, here, Suvorin will come to life on her, and will begin to speak in a stern tone. Involuntarily you feel guilt, although nothing is to blame. Because of the frock coat, which Kramskoy portrayed in black, I found the portrait gloomy. The picture does not blow with kindness and love, on the contrary, a cool breeze comes from it, and a shiver runs through the skin. I like the works of this author, in each of his portraits he tries to expose all sides of man, as if he sees right through. Suvorin is depicted in the portrait as a strict teacher, whose class in class is quiet, no one dares to chat with a neighbor, let alone write off. The picture of Kramskoy allowed to try on the protagonist various masks, to lose in his imagination the plot.

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Painting by Kramskoy “Portrait of A. Suvorin”