The composition of Perov’s painting “The Dilettante”

The painting “The Dilettante” is written in a satirical style.
But satire is also different.
This picture, I think, shows the good side of this genre.
The work turned out a little even mocking.

The picture shows the artist who finished work on his work and now evaluates it.
Most likely, the artist is a beginner and he believes that he has a certain gift, a talent for painting.
He looks very smug.
Next to him stands his wife, with a small child in her arms.
The woman tries to find flaws and shortcomings in the picture, she tries to evaluate the work of her husband from the point of view of her taste, but apparently she does not know much about creativity either.

On the walls of the room we see other works of the artist, who is the protagonist of the picture.
They also do not represent any cultural value.
If, for example, the seascape is shown, then it is drawn rather indistinctly, there is no plot

line in the picture.
On another picture hanging on the wall, there is a portrait of someone who is executed on a primitive level.
It shows an unclear silhouette, the lines are not clearly drawn, but rather it can be regarded as a sketch rather than as a full-fledged work.
The picture shows viewers that the creator’s workplace is equipped in a dark room.
On the windows are very dense, black curtains, which almost do not allow daylight to enter the room.
The light from the lamp does not fall on his work, in order to better illuminate the easel and create conditions for fruitful work, but for the artist who leaned back in his chair, the entire image of him looks very arrogant.
But it is from the way the workplace is organized that part of the success of the work depends.
The light must fall on the right side and reflect all the details of the work.
The colors that Perov uses in this case are also not peculiar to him.
I think this is a special move, showing that the master’s workplace should not be so gloomy.

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The composition of Perov’s painting “The Dilettante”