The composition of Vasnetsov’s painting “The Last Judgment”

One of the frescoes on a religious theme is the work of V. M. Vasnetsov “The Last Judgment”. It is located at the entrance to the church of St. Vladimir. In order to recreate this historical event, the author, unlike previous works on the theme of religion, used dark, dark shades. A lot of red paints, with different impurities. Such colors set the viewer to the seriousness of what is happening.

The author used various color spots, including white. It is this color that is the symbol of divinity. Vasnetsov applied the visual separation of the picture to the earthly and heavenly theme, combining, in one work, almost impossible.

Heavenly theme reflects the Lord. He has the cross and the Gospel in his hands. He is angry at sinners. This can be clearly seen from the expression on his face. Next to him Vasnetsov showed the Mother of God and John the Baptist, and around him he placed apostles and angels. The scales depicted in the picture are a symbol of justice, equality

of all before the Most High, but the dark forces are trying to draw one of the bowls in their direction. Despite this, they will not be able to influence the court’s decisions and they will remain unchanged and fair.
On the right below, the artist depicted the righteous. They pray earnestly, turning their prayers and looking to heaven. The painting depicts people of different ages: from young to old. They are very much frightened by everything that is happening, they hope for mercy of the Most High. On the bottom left are the sinners falling into the fire. The author wanted to show the equality of all before the Lord God, for this he portrayed among sinners and kings, and representatives of the clergy. Below them awaits the Serpent. Two storylines unite messengers of the Apocalypse, which are shown by trumpeting angels.

The author in this work used a very diverse palette of colors, based on their contrast and he turned out in one picture to show so many different fates.

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The composition of Vasnetsov’s painting “The Last Judgment”